EAR TO THE GROUND: Reaching Higher Highs With HeavyLight…


My word, Soulsters. Have I been neglectful or what?

Where do I begin.

Well, I had a family emergency come my way that I had to attend to. When Mom goes into the hospital, everything stops. But she is back home resting and healing, all is good. So back to the grind – the event planning and scheming has resumed (Curls, Coils & Cocktails is back this year!), my radio show The Rhythm with AMC is back this Sunday (I have PLENTY of uploads to get done for your iPod), and all the other projects I have been dabbling in shall surely come to fruition. As I like to say, onward movements!

Alright, so I have some goodness for you. I have been meaning to write about this group for a minute now. But because of the speed bumps, I am a tad delayed. You know what I like to say, it’s never too late to share in the goodness! With that being said, meet Heavylight. Their sound can’t be pigeon-holed in a box. Heavylight is a soul, jazz, funk classics, hip hop and poetry infusion that digs deep into back storage crates in the most ways. Let’s just say that if my Dad listened to this today, even though he was a particular type of connoisseur (in that, I mean he was picky as all hell – worse than me.), he would have surely dug it.

HeavyLight is a collaboration of East Coast All-star emcees who kill on the poetry front and/or sing as well. The crew boasts award-winning artists from Boston to Florida and they do damage on the mic. Not a stranger to performing, many of the members have hit notable stages such as Centric TV, The Apollo and Verses and Flow to name few. I have a few song picks for you, let’s check them out.

The haunting ”Cloud Relaxation (Love To Smoke)” is a break beat beauty. The drum loops, its heavy presence, the eerie yet persistent tone of it all – everything balances out and comes together seamlessly. Mind you, the title alone should say it all. It’s sexy and could quite possible take you to a higher high, but it’s also creepy. Can that be possible? Listen for yourself:

Press play on ”cloud relaxation (love to smoke)”:

My favorite track from the EP is ”canned soul food” (hey there mix). This track right here! I get a little bit of A Tribe Called Quest doubled-up with a sprinkle of Mos Def. The delivery, bounce and flow is ridiculous! I say no more. I won’t even describe it. Just press play and get into it:

Press Play on ”canned soul food” (hey there mix):

And there you have it folks! Get into some of what Heavylight has to offer. You can listen to all of HeavyLight’s tracks on their Soundcloud page. Warning – get ready for a hip hop and soul induced roller coaster ride. You have been warned.

See y’all soon…