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a.k.a. Subliminal Shows His Paternal Side In ”Daddy Please Care”

by amc

Hey Soulsters!

Y’all know that every once and a while, I tend to post a video here that catches my attention around my social media streams. I don’t post a lot of hip hop, simply because I tend to be quite picky about my hip hop and well – my blog is soul based. But good music is good music, and I do not discriminate. This is where Sean Mauricette a.k.a. Subliminal comes in.

I have spoken about Subliminal previously on these pages. The multi-award winning architect/activist/actor/artist is a soul-tinged hip hop artist whose music always carries a prevalent and thought-provoking message to his listeners. It would be remiss of me not to congratulate him on landing a big role in the upcoming Aaliyah movie, and in being such a prominent and positive role model for many in the community.

Speaking about a role model, Subliminal recently became a father to an adorable baby boy and his new track ”Daddy Please Care” is an ode to fatherhood and its many intricacies. While Sean goes on to lay down verses about postpartum depression, he also goes on to capture moments that illicit joy and that oh-so-feel-good vibe. Press play on ”Daddy Please Care”:

The track was initially released on Father’s Day as part of a town hall-style event hosted by TAIBU Community Health Centre, which of course was fitting. Understanding the simple notion of ”You’re not a father cause you got a son unless you’re taking care of him.” Ed Og & Da Bulldogs (c) sometimes seems to go over the heads of many. Subliminal has released a solid track tackling some of the various facets of fatherhood – especially focusing on being a present and predominant part of a child’s life. The video itself is a great snapshot that Subliminal’s son will be able to look back on and fully grasp the Superhero qualities that some are blessed with once they become crowned with the title of parent. Kudos to you Sean, for a fantastic visual keepsake and meaningful track.

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