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How She Hustles Brunch

by amc

Soulsters, I have a most difficult task ahead of me right now. I am going to attempt to give you a glimpse of an event that I can clearly say was one of the best events I have attended in a minute. Y’all know I stay attending events, so for me to give a soiree such grandiose accolades is beyond huge. Let me backtrack a bit.

Last Sunday I attend the 5th (and unfortunately) the last installment of the How She Hustles Brunch hosted by Emily Mills. It was an elaborate affair at The Eaton Chelsea hotel with about 230+ women in attendance. Of course, you have to ask yourself, what event celebrating women in our community sells out in only 3 days? What event in Toronto can bring about that many women under one roof? What is it about this event that can get it to trend on Twitter? By the way, check out the hashtag #howshehustles to find out.

Valid questions indeed. However, the big picture and sheer reasoning behind it was to celebrate each other as a Mother, Mentor, Sister, Friend – but most of all a Hustler. Take into consideration that this was the 5th installment of the brunch, therefore the previous 4 already made their mark, and through the years Emily amassed a group of astonishing women who are resilient, supportive, encouraging and fierce. Those women and more came through to enjoy the warmth, and wisdom bestowed upon us by our gracious host and the women that surrounded us.

Those who are in the midst of balancing on the tightrope between the day job vs their dreams and passion behind their side-hustle simply get ‘it.’

What exactly is ‘it,’ you ask? Here is what I took away from How She Hustles:

  •  knowing that it does take a village. Not only in regards to child-rearing but for that ongoing support system that is needed on the daily. A strong foundation is golden.
  • We know this already, but networking is key. Get out there, introduce yourself, get to know people and make connections.
  • Find a mentor. A pillar within the community who is there to guide you along your path. More than often, you may even learn from each other.
  • Be resilient. You must be in order to make and watch your dreams manifest.
  • Love what you do. Passion breathes life into your hustle.

I can honestly go on for days, and I’m sure you can tell that I am still basking in the glow and energy shared Sunday afternoon. The music was on point! Y’all know that’s huge for me! The food was incredibly delectable, and the company was by far off the charts! There were prizes to be won from fantastic hustlers, and a door prize from The Eaton Chelsea for a stay-cation that made someone very happy. From media giants in TV to every profession imaginable (Ph.D. graduates, nurses, editors, writers, bloggers, event producers etc.), they all represented at the How She Hustles Brunch. It was a sight to see, and a vision to behold. I for one, am extremely content and full of pride. There are a bevy of women making their mark in Toronto, and Emily brought out the best of the best to celebrate.

While we are collectively sad to see How She Hustles take a permanent vacation, I do look forward to seeing what Mrs. Mills has up her sleeves for the next chapter. But in the meantime, I will end by sending out a huge thank you to Emily Mills and her team for an exceptional afternoon of class, sass, connections, and good times. Well done, lady. Well done.

Take a look at my selfie-wall with some of the amazing women in attendance at the How She Hustles Brunch.

From L to R: Anya Grant, Camille Dundas, Jaeda Laurez, Emily Mills, Bee Quammie, Hyat, Leticia Rose and Nadine Mauricette.

From L to R: Emily Mills, Karlyn Percil, Crystal Mark, Stacey-Ann Buchannan, Marsha Murray, Towa Beer, DJ Mel Boogie and Tanya Natalie.

You can keep up with Emily’s How She Hustles brand at the following social spots:




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