Shinobi Ninja seeks individualism on “Dancing In The Crowd”

Hey Soulsters, what’s the good word?

As y’all well know, I love music and I listen to all genres—no discrimination. The video below was sent to me awhile back from a group I absolutely adore. And if you ever get to see them live, take advantage of the opportunity. Shinobi Ninja is pure high octane your-mamma-can’t-handle-it energy on 100 during their shows. I saw them for the very first time years ago in New York upon the release of their debut album Rock Hood and fell in love. Since then, I can’t say that I’ve 100% kept up with them over the years, but I sure have kept my ear to the ground. Actually, as I type this they are completely rocking out SXSW. So let me tell y’all, I’m happy to say that this was sent to me and I finally got around to watching the video. It’s a dope track.

Shinobi Ninja is a solid rock band that blends different genres into their sound. This of course sets the tone for a rolickin’ bad ass time. Hip hop and a touch of R&B are front and centre all throughout their work. “Dancing In The Crowd” is the new single from the group’s album Bless Up that was released on March 10th. As video is art and interpretation is subjective, I’m going to give you my perspective. The video has a “Hotel California” eerie type of feel; “you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.” Baby G’s background vocals make the track all the more haunting in conjunction with the visuals. I sense the message is to stand out rather than loose your soul and become part of the status quo. Regardless on whether I interpreted it right or wrong, I dig it. Check it out.

Press play on “Dancing In The Crowd” by Shinobi Ninja:

See y’all soon…