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The Roots Picnic, The Foreign Exchange & Yahzarah

by amc

I was away for a few days because I clearly had to recuperate from the weekend runnings. From Saturday through Monday, it was a musical explosion beyond compare. My body is still paying for it to tell the truth, but seriously, when will I ever have the chance to say I saw Foreign Exchange twice in one weekend? Not to mention Wu-Tang (okay, the bootleg version), John Legend and Baja and the Dry Eye Crew? Well, I do have a concert review on FE that will be coming your way next week. So until then, hold tight because the weekend roundup is on deck for now.

Saturday my girls and I packed up the Jeep and headed to Philly. The one thing that boggles my mind to this day, is how it is called a ‘picnic’ when there is not a smidgen of grass to be found anywhere. Standing on your feet for nine hours straight on hot concrete needs to be rethought. Nonetheless, the show went on. I decided to take in the show as a spectator, which is a totally different route for me, rather than as the ‘journalist’. The ticket was a birthday gift anyway so that was the way to go.

The sun was blazing and relentless, you couldn’t get enough water into your system.  Hydrated and ready to go, my gals and I waited patiently for the day to start. Once it began, there was no turning back. Now forgive me if I don’t have the band listing in chronological order. Again, I was just enjoying the vibes. Baja and the Dry Eye Crew came on with a burst of energy, it was just right to get everyone started. Foreign Exchange put on a great set, with everyone’s favourite tracks from their album. The Tune-Yards are definitely unlike anything on the scene, but I think that’s what makes them stand out. I thought she was brilliant. I know I will get told for this, but I am truly not a fan of Nekka. She was performing, while I basically just debated if I wanted to walk through the crowd for water. This was the first time I finally got to see Jay Electronica in action. The man is a beast!  DJ Jazzy Jeff was to perform on the main stage, but due to technical difficulties, it didn’t happen. Mayer Hawthorne was awesome, first time seeing him as well. And before I could blink, Black Thought and The Roots were on stage. I didn’t even notice when they came on. A LOT of the kiddies there didn’t know any of the tracks from Organix or Do You Want More?!?! – damn shame. They brought out John Legend and Wu-Tang (Meth, Ghost and Raekwon). The night couldn’t have ended on a sharper note.

Sunday night was Foreign Exchange, however, I am jumping right over that, to take you to Monday’s Fader Magazine/Suite 903 Yahzarah showcase.  With a select few attendees on hand, we enjoyed a short and sweet set from Yahzarah (that chocolate goddess). Singing songs from her recent release The Ballad Of Purple Saint James, she went into “Why Don’t You Call Me No More,” her duet with Darien Brockington “All My Days,” the funkytastical “Cry Over You” featuring Phonte and my favourite – “Starship.” It was a great gathering, time to catch up with some peoples and just revel in the festivities.

It was all worth the aching body parts and half-closed lids. You know me, all in the name of music. I would certainly do it all again.

Keep an eye out, Foreign Exchange review coming your way.

See y’all soon…

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