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Afrobella Event Wrap Up

by amc

From a photo shoot to two events in one day – it was a whirlwind. But a great time was had all around. Afrobella touched down in Toronto and those who came out enjoyed a day of inspiration, beauty, laughter and all-around fabulousness.

The events were hosted by the fabulous Janice James-Brown from FAB Couture and she was absolutely superb. Entertaining, vivacious and simply perfect. Afrobella answered questions about her upbringing and introduction to all things beauty, being radiant and beautiful from the inside and out and how health is an important component in everyone’s beauty regimen.

All the attendees had nothing but words of admiration after hearing Afrobella speak. The most powerful message I believe everyone took away from the event, was: “Be yourself, from the inside, out.” Beauty goes way beyond the goods and services we purchase on the daily. Remember, that just helps to accentuate our outer beauty. There has to be balanced after all.  Pictures were taken, introductions were made and The Trane Studio‘s food and service were thoroughly enjoyed. My kind of day! I learned a lot in the process, yet still have a lot more to learn about event planning. It’s really not easy, but hey – I love a challenge! With the feedback that I received on Saturday and Sunday at the Toronto Natural Hair Show, I was ecstatic to learn that everyone who came through enjoyed the events immensely and are waiting patiently to see with what I come up with next. No pressure…LOL But all jokes aside, the wheels have been turning and I’ve been putting pen to paper all day. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to keep up with what I have in store. 🙂

Before I leave, I have to send out my gratitude to everyone who donated or took part in Soulafrodisiac Sessions Presents: Brunch & Beauty With Afrobella and Dinner Delights With Afrobella. Thank you to my photographer Tanya Petraglia from TP Photography (you’re amazing at what you do!) and thank you to Lady Vee for all of your tireless assistance. I have to send a huge thank you to all of my sponsors. Without them, the event would not have been possible at all.

My key sponsors: The Trane StudioHoneyfig and Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show!


FAB Couture



Carol’s Daughter


Loc ‘N Twist

Love Me As I Am

Charlene’s Closet

And lastly, I’m sending a huge thank you to my girl –  the lovely Afrobella. It was a pleasure having you here in Toronto! We look forward to having you back soon. Thank you so much for launching my series!! I appreciate you!

See y’all soon…

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