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Sounds And Tastings At Fuse Restaurant

by amc

I thank the good people at Fuse for the tasting invite! However, I was not compensated to provide opinion on the restaurant or its services. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.

Last Monday, I was invited to a private tasting at the new Fuse Restaurant Entertainment Emporium. Fuse is a new venue located on Queen Street that is a hub for great food, great events and live music. Truth be told, I had already been privy to what the venue layout looked like because I celebrated my 40th birthday there last year under the previous owner and restaurant. Fuse picks up where the previous restaurant left off and delivers with ingenious plates for your palette and good vibes. Event Promoters and Owners Anthony Johnson, Doug Johnson, Farley Flex and Star Braithwaite are looking to bring back the 90’s vibe that we loved so much. A time when people dolled up to go out, danced and sang along to chart-making music and a lot of us can definitely say, it was an era that left an imprint on our lives.

Fuse’s Chicken & Donut – graham cracker crusted seasoned chicken breast, nestled in a soft FUSE-made donut w/ a guava coulis

My night had to start with my favourite libation of all – a nice glass of Riesling from Angel’s Gate Winery. It was delicious, and I need to find it ASAP to add to my home collection. We had such an amazing array of foods from the menu to taste. Chef Jerome Bishop and Sous Chef Amanda Hamer are in the back kitchen cooking up fusions that will make your taste buds scream for mercy. A few of the notable menu items that stood out for me were the Chicken & Donut, Black Bean Burger, and the Sizzling Kalbi Beef. The Chicken & Donut is a spin on the classic Chicken & Waffles and what a treat it is! The sweet and tangy guava coulis (jokingly called Jizz Sauce, I swear I’m not making this up!) compliments the tender chicken and savoury donut. You have to try it for yourself!

I had to mention the Black Bean Burger, as it is one of the vegetarian options on the menu. I must admit, when I heard black bean, I wasn’t too excited about the prospect.
However, after tasting it, the burger could be an option for future ordering. It was tasty and the scallion aioli was perfect. Lastly, hands down the best dish award on the menu has to go to the Sizzling Kalbi Beef. It was succulent, full-flavoured and on point! My whole table went for seconds and there was no shame in our game!

Black bean, asiago cheese pepper onion and date burger on a brioche bun sautéed mushrooms and scallion aioli

Of course, my favourite thing in the world is incorporated with the food here – music. And during the soiree, we were entertained by a lovely chanteuse from Montreal named Woodney Pierre. Woodney covered a few jazz standards like “Summertime”, accompanied with a few classics as well (Stevie Wonder, all day, every day!). Her voice was sultry and she sang ever so effortlessly.  Before I forget to even mention, the restaurant has two floors and houses a gorgeous room on the second floor available for private or corporate events and parties. So you have great food and space at your disposal for hosting events. You really can’t go wrong! The staff is friendly (shout out to our amazing server with the Maxwell-like hair, I didn’t get his name) and the vibes are right. I’m looking forward to visiting again and catching some of the events that Fuse has in store for Toronto. If you’re coming from out of town, be sure to pass by and tell them I sent ya. 😉

A huge thank you goes out to Toshiba and Fuse Restaurant for the invite!

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