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Welcome To My Fly Cola Mama Section!

by amc

Hello to you all, what’s the good word?

As many of y’all are aware, I’m still fairly new at this journey into Motherhood. In November of 2017, my life was forever changed on so many levels and let me tell you, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. Every day is something new, either insanely breathtaking or utterly mind-boggling.

My dope AMC baby announcement

So, as you can see, I’m finally back doing my thing but I decided that I needed to add a section for me to share in my ups, downs and adventures with Sugar Plum. I really didn’t want to create an entire blog, as I know time is not on my side to be posting on two websites. Therefore, this section is exactly what I need. Let’s be real. God knows as much as I love El Tornado I’m going to need days to vent and share! Therefore, I’m throwing myself into the world of Mom Blogging. I’m a music-loving, entertainment-writing, event-covering, small biz owning, health conscious (getting back on track with this!) kind of mom who sprinkles my #BlackGirlMagic everywhere and anyway I can.

That’s me, amc.

I can’t forget to mention that I have crazy dope mama friends who are doing badass things to represent all that is motherhood and its many different facets. I will definitely be sharing all of that with you as well. So please join me on my new journey and if you happen to have a bottle of white wine lying around anywhere that you can spare, give your girl a holler.

See y’all soon…