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Celebrating 10 Years with My Soultracks.com Fam

by amc

I remember the day that I sat down and wrote an email reaching out to Chris Ritzik, the Publisher of Soultracks.com.  It was about nearly 6 years ago, and I was in search of other magazine and online outlets to lay down my pen with. I told him what I was about, and he took me under his wing. I guess it’s safe to say that the rest is history.

My time with the Soultracks fam is extra special to me. I’ve been able to evolve with my writing skills and have more of a voice with Chris’ assistance. I have also learned so much musically as Soultracks has become a sort of bible to turn to when it came to soul and R&B music and it’s purveyors. I was taught a lot by my Dad, but even though you think you knew everything, Soultracks was there to remind you that you didn’t. LOL To this day, it has become a resource to run to for thought provoking commentaries, concert reviews, events, videos, album listening rooms, extensive artist biographies, and so much more.

It still boggles my mind that I’ve been a contributing writer at Soultracks for this long (and that Chris started this site in his kitchen!). I have been blessed to not only be a contributing writer (Soultracks Concert Reviewer), but to later also become the Video Editor for the Soultracks Video Countdown as well, was just the cherry on the top. Truthfully, I’m not surprised that Soultracks is still around 10 years later celebrating their musical journey with us all. The team that Chris has brought together is nothing short of amazing at what they do. Everyone’s love and knowledge for soul music new and old, never ceases to amaze me. It reflects in the quality posts that readers like you have come to expect and respect from Soultracks.

How I wish I could have been with my Soultracks family celebrating their 10 year anniversary in New York City at Soul Factory this past weekend, but they know I was certainly there in spirit. Press play on the video commemorating the 10th year anniversary of Soultracks.com. You have Syleena Johnson, The Stylistics, Angela Bofill, Zo!, Leon Ware and Mint Condition among the many showing love:

Chris has supported me in every endeavor that I’ve embarked on. Always assisting with constructive criticism, a good word, and guidance. Chris Ritzik is truly one of my dearest Guardian Angels, and I thank you for everything Chris. Everything! Soultracks continues to be a connecter for true soul music connoisseurs around the world. Cheers to many more years to come and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dream team.

See y’all soon,

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