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Steve Paikin Women In Media Update and Brunch With Amazing Women!

by amc

Hey Soulsters, what’s the good word?

It’s Monday and Spring has finally sprung on these Toronto streets. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you know just how much last week was an epic fail on so many levels. It was tough all around and right through. However, the sun came out (literally and figuratively) and here we are on this fabulous Monday. Why fabulous? Because I am claiming it to be. Besides, with the weekend I had, it would be blasphemous to begin my week with any other vibe. I will be out and about more since that white precipitation stuff has disappeared. As I used to do previously (and I was told that you guys actually miss it), I will give you guys a rundown of what I was hopping around town getting into. Let’s jump in!


Myself and Bee

1) My good friend Bee Quammie from ’83 To Infinity hosted an amazing brunch with progressive and positive females at Hot House Café on Sunday. Hot House is one of my favourite spots in Toronto – a solid brunch buffet with crazy mouthwatering breakfast and lunch fare. My word, talk about the best french toast I have ever had. I digress. The vibe was absolutely amazing. Live jazz, great food and marvellous company. I am so tired of hearing how women are always bickering and can’t get together to do anything. There is definitely no truth to that if you have like-minded people come together. And that’s in regards to anything you do. I had the pleasure of meeting a few Twitter and Facebook friends, as well as seeing a very special friend that I haven’t seen in like forever and a day. Intelligent conversation, networking, a great ambiance and plenty of laughs – all a great recipe for sisterhood. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you to Bee for setting up this fantastic afternoon!


The Agenda_Soulafrodisac

2) Speaking of my girl Bee, she was a panellist on The Agenda with Steve Paikin a couple of weeks ago about the representation of women in media. This show came to fruition because of a sexist and unrepresentative post from Steve Paikin entitled Where, Oh Where, Are All The Female Guests? about how difficult it was to get female guests on his show. The night the show aired, the conversation on Twitter was beyond heated. So much so, tweeting participants had #TheAgendaTVO trending. It had many seething to say the least, and rightfully so. However, the discussion brought a lot of topics and one hell of a learning experience for Paikin to light. One of your girl’s tweets was used in Steve Paikin’s follow up post Some Lessons We LearnedBelieve when I say, I was tweeting like a mad woman and making sure that my voice was heard. It’s great that they took heed to the messages and have started to actually do something to correct their previous stance (see Some Lessons We Learned to find out what direction they are taking). I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. I will be keeping my eye on this one.

That’s it for now, Soulsters! A lot of shows and events are on the horizon, and you know I will be keeping you up to date with what’s going on. Be sure to check my event calendar to the right for events and shows here and beyond. See y’all on Wednesday with some musical vibes.


See y’all soon…

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