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Diggin The Motown Crates With ”Life, Love & Passion” by Soulfinger

by amc

Hey Soulsters! My apologies, I am back with my finger on the pulse! Tea is in hand, so let’s jump in.

This one is for the crazy junkie music collector in all of us. I have been meaning to share this with you since I received the email in February. Better late than never is what I say, plus there is still time to do the do and get up on this amazing project. I have not seen anything like Life, Love & Passion by Soulfingerwhich of course is even more appealing to me. As a music connoisseur (which I know all of you are), this is an album and project that you will definitely want to get your hands on. I figured it would be fun to go with the basic journalistic information gathering way for this one – The 5 W’s.

Who: Soulfinger – the music production team behind this venture, along with a list of wicked artists.

WhatLife, Love & Passion – a heartfelt artistic statement paying tribute to the great songwriters of the classic “Motown” era. The idea is to highlight and re-record B-sides of lesser-known soul music gems from the late 60’s up to mid of the ’70s, inviting a variety of amazing artists to perform on one song each.

When: Project fundraising on Kickstarter is up for the duration for a two-month run, ending in April. Release date TBA.

Why: To shine the light on the greatness that is Motown; the B sides – the songs that some may pay attention to, yet usually don’t. Of course, those are the songs that end up becoming the greatest gems in our musical library. Also, let us not forget that the project will shine the light on some of the incredible artists that are on the scene today.

The roster of talent on this disc is indescribable: Angela Johnson, Teedra Moses, Kathy Sledge, Joi, Anthony David, Martin Luther and more (make sure to watch the videos on the Kickstarter page for artist insight). Then to add to it all, Life, Love & Passion will not be released on iTunes (woe to the MP3 collector), it will only be available as a snazzy collector’s item in a CD or vinyl format, stamped with its own serial number:

Must have. I know you want it, too.

As I stated earlier, you still have more time to head on over to their Kickstarter fundraiser for the project. This has been a labour of love. It has taken the whole team 3 years to mix, master and develop the packaging concept. That is definitely a testament to this project right there. Listening to the song clips on the page, you can hear that the band is tight (capturing that Motown sound to a T), the artists are at their best and this will be a project worth the wait. I for one, look forward to hearing and having this in my possession.

It’s more than just an album. It’s a journey. It’s a statement.  It’s a celebration. Don’t miss out, be a part of it all.


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