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AMC IN ARUBA: Eagle Aruba Resort and Casino

by amc

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If you’re booking a hotel to lay your head down during your travels, ideally you would like it to feel like you’re resting at a home away from home. When you come to Aruba, the Eagle Aruba Resort and Casino is the ideal location you’re looking for to recreate the said experience.

Being in Aruba has been absolutely fantastic thus far and residing in the Eagle Aruba Resort and Casino has been a stellar experience. We still have a few more days remaining and I can already tell you that I am not looking forward to inevitably packing my bags and finding my way back home on a jet plane. The resort, managed by Richard Roy, is an inviting place to unwind and take time for yourself away from the hustle and bustle of daily metropolitan city life. It’s a carefree life of culinary delights, poolside reading and nightly entertainment that’s great for you and your family to enjoy.

Eagle Aruba Resort and Casino is presently undergoing a facelift with a $28 million reconstruction of its facilities. You can pick from a newly renovated one, two or three bedroom suite equipped with new amenities such as a beautifully laid out living room, large modern bathrooms and a kitchen decked out with new stainless steel appliances to cook up a storm in. And I can’t forget to mention the suites are accessibility friendly! More on that in an upcoming post. I absolutely loved the three bedroom suite we inhabited. I truly felt like I was at home and had already been residing there for quite some time. The suites are spacious, clean and are pleasantly decorated with contemporary decor.

They also have entertainment nights for the resort guests to enjoy. Carnival night is a favourite with everyone, accompanied by a wonderful cookout in the grilling area. The food is tasty and carnival took life on center stage. Great sounds and good vibes, I can do for that! Let’s not forget the resort also has a casino on the premises that’s great to grab a drink, watch your favourite sport (that’s where you would have found me watching my beloved Toronto Raptors win the Easter Conference Division!) and get into some slot machine melee or your favourite casino table game. Take your pick!

Those who know me are well aware of my foodie ways. I love a great plate of food that’s well prepared and leaves my tastebuds wanting for more. There are two main eating spots on the resort, Uncle Tony’s Pizza and Double Down Sports Grill & Bar. They are both excellent, but I’ve spent a lot more time at the former restaurant. It’s become my go-to place to eat and I’m enjoying every delectable moment. The waitresses there are friendly and superb, and Sugar Plum made all of them, including the manager, his girlfriends. From homemade gooey cheesy and toasted crunchy pizza to flavourful pasta plates (and a major breakfast menu), the food on the grounds is a solid A+. There’s so much to choose from, it’s hard to single out a special place!

And to top it all off, Eagle Aruba is conveniently located directly across the street from Eagle Beach. With sandy white shores and alluringly blue waters, it’s the perfect place to grab a beach chair under a palapas (umbrella) and relax or head into the warm clear blue waters and take a swim. This was Sugar Plum’s first foray on the beach and in the ocean, and it couldn’t have been at a better place!

As I sit on my comfy bed engulfed by fluffy marshmallow pillows finishing this post, I’m reminded that I only have 3 more days remaining to share the rest of my Aruba adventures. Three days! I’m off to create more memories with the Caribbean Vibrations Crew and I will be divulging a bit more of what’s to come very soon.

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