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AFROPUNK Announces Stellar 2017 Brooklyn Lineup

by amc

Hey Soulsters! What’s the good word?

Listen. In case you didn’t know, I’m here for you. My inbox (and everyone signed up to AFROPUNK‘s newsletter) was privy to the wicked lineup they have in store for the Brooklyn festival this year on August 26th and 27th.

Have you seen what’s in store for music aficionados? Soul II Soul, Sza, Gary Clark Jr, Michael Kiwanuka plus more to come and I can’t forget to mention a Saint Heron curated stage featuring Sampha, Kaytranada, Nao and more. AFROPUNK never ceases to amaze and rock the hell out every year. I remember attending my first AFROPUNK in 2008 and it was one dope-ass experience. I vowed to myself that at some point I would return “home” to BK and take in another festival. Here’s hoping for the best this year.

I’ll be clear though, attending AFROPUNK is so much more than the music. It’s the excitement, the sense of belonging. The visceral reaction of attendees to seeing old friends and making new ones, along with the palpable energy of emotions and and sensations. I totally respect every single thing that AFROPUNK is about, and I fully rate attending this event if you ever get the chance. Get your tix right here.

All in all, let’s just say that the lineup looks fantastic and it’s on my list. I may try and find myself in Brooklyn come August for this one. We’ll see what the god’s have in store. Until then, know that the festival lives and breathes their code, and once you open yourself to attend this is what you are opening yourself to:


We, the people built this land. Our flesh and blood is present in its buildings, its roads and its bridges. Our souls are its spiritual cornerstone. Our culture is its foundation. Our being nourishes this land — as our ancestors’ beings nourished it before us — yet the land has not always reimbursed us.

We, the people recognize the bullshit of the powerful. The injustices they committed in the past have never disappeared from view. The inequalities they perpetrate are there for all but the blind. The inadequacies they’ve paid forward to a future age are appearing over the horizon. Unless…

We, the people have a code:

No Sexism

No Racism

No Ableism

No Ageism

No Homophobia

No Fatphobia

No Transphobia

We, the people commit ourselves to uphold and fight for the rights enshrined in our code. Let us honour those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and hold accountable those who curtail our liberties. Let us walk in the footsteps of warriors who came before us, and strive to create a society based on fundamental human rights. Let us rewrite the universal laws and educate the errant minds.

We, the people have the will to heal the divisions that threaten to reduce our dreams to ashes. We believe in resurrecting the creative power of our diversity. We open our hearts and minds, and dance to the rhythm of a brand-new future. Together. Brave and compassionate. And beautiful.

May the Goddess protect we, the people.

Amen AFROPUNK, amen.

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