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An Evening With Designer Ralph Leroy

by amc

Last week, I was invited to the unveiling of Montreal designer Ralph Leroy‘s fabulous outerwear and women’s line. Ralph is the consummate artist. He exudes boatloads of confidence, is unapologetic and straight forward about his designs, and he is definitely about his business.

Originally born in Haiti, Ralph Leroy is a phenomenon in Montreal, known for his effervescent colour parade onto the streets of Montreal with his ‘Fashion Mob’ that took place in September. Also known as a jewelry, couture, and men’s line designer, Ralph Leroy is no stranger to shaking up the status quo.

The outerwear and women’s line pieces that were presented here in Toronto were nothing short of orgasmic. The symmetrical cuts on his tan suede women’s jacket are quite alluring against the silhouette of a woman’s body. The way he manipulates leather and suede is stupendous. My ultimate favourite part of his line would be his capes.

I’ve been cape crazy this season, and let me tell you, Ralph dots his I’s and crosses his t’s.

Gorgeous capes, lined with spectacularly colourful silk. Absolutely mind-blowing! I’m thinking a future investment in the suede burnt reddish-orange cape with a 3-way hood/scarf/throw will inevitably happen. Not forgetting the men, Ralph also makes a statement with his men’s outwear – sexy, commanding and dominant. Ready for the fashion forward man in your life.

I was able to spend some quality time with Ralph during a dinner and dance party, and I learned a lot while we all dined. From my perspective, he is very perceptive, extremely sharp-witted, and a very good dancer. 🙂 I was able to catch up with Ralph on the weekend and ask him a few questions about his brand, the passion behind his favourite colour, and what kind of music drives his creativity. The man is serious about his music!

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