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Anthony David Is Counting Down The Days To ‘Love Out Loud’

by amc

Everyone’s favourite sexy raspy-voiced soul purveyor Anthony David, has been counting down the days to his new upcoming November 13th release Love Out Loud. The video countdown started at day 11, and needless to say, I’m about a few days late. However, better late than never is what I say. You know how I do.

Anthony has decided to breakdown the album (so it can forever and consistently be broken), play snippets of the song in discussion, and give a little insight into the track as well. Day 11 consisted of “Aspiracy Theory,” and day 10 was “Love Out Loud.” That about brings us up to date to his recent video for “Can’t Look Down.” I’m sure by the time this posts, he will be on track number 8. Not to mention, a video for the aforementioned track is on the way according to what is said by the man himself. Have you seen the video for “Sweet Pain” as yet? Do yourself a favour and click here if you haven’t.

So far, it looks as though Mr. David is chartering through new territory – trying new things and dabbling into a little bit of everything. And we’ve only been exposed to song 3 y’all. Let’s see what else is to come our way in the next 8 tracks. I try and wait patiently as you know I have no patience, but I do know that Anthony David is surely worth the wait.

As mentioned in Anthony’s “Love Out Loud” video, please be sure to check out All Walks Of Life for info about the work that Anthony has been doing with the group in Savannah. AWOL is a fantastic platform that provides arts and technology education for at-risk youth. Growing up, many of us were lucky enough to have after school activities and other options to keep us busy. Nowadays, these options are dwindling by the minute. Keeping the young ones involved outside of school is key to them knowing and growing beyond their limits, and keeping them connected and in the loop. Check out AWOL to find out what you can do to lend a helping hand.

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