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RECAP: Business+Beats+Black Girl Magic: Women In Music Summit

by amc

Image for BBBGM panalist Ann Marie CollymoreTechnically, I should have shared this information with y’all weeks ago. But with all the happenings that were going on (Aruba, work, events, a one-year-old and life), I couldn’t even squeeze in the time to get anything out to y’all. However, I had to come through and share the goodness that was BBBGM in Baltimore.

First off, let me give a huge shout out to my girl Kayenecha Daugherty – the Founder and Executive Director of Creative Nomads. The non-profit organization is big on community and youth programming in Baltimore, two things that have been close to my heart since I was a teen (regardless of geological location). Kay’s impressive resume includes rising through the music industry as one of the first Hidden Beach Recordings’ interns, later becoming the founder of her own entertainment company Gypsy Soul more than 10 years ago, attaining a six-year position at the Grammy’s to now building Creative Nomads and its youth program, Where Art Starts.

Kay brought together an ensemble of heavy hitters to the summit and I was honoured to be in the midst of every single one of them. Each woman brought her own earned accomplishments to the panel and we all shared in our experiences, laughed it up with the audience and discussed our hows, when and whys.

The panels consisted of the following:

Story + Conversation: Monet Guthrie Shelton + Moderated by Hiphopcleopatra

Story + Conversation: Candace Jones + Moderated by Tiffanie Maye

Sister Circle: Black Girl Griots – Modern Storytellers with Syreta Oglesby, Steph Andry, Mercy Chikowore  + Ann Marie Collymore + Moderated by Hiphopcleopatra

Story + Conversation: Dorrian Wilson + Moderated by Tiffanie Maye

Sister Circle: A Seat at the Table, A Story of Sisterhood (Kayenecha Daugherty + Wendi Cherry) Moderated by Hiphopcleopatra

From a costume designer who’s worked with Prince, Beyonce and many more and the Project Manager of Black Girl Rocks, to a label owner and publicists with weight. It would seriously be in your best interest to check out the lovely ladies that I’ve tagged above. They each have a lot to offer in their respective roles.

The audience was attentive and their energy was on fire! It was definitely my kind of event. A safe space to talk shop, drop some jewels and share passions and inspirations with those who wanted to connect.


It was so great to catch up with old and new friends! I finally met Leticia Thomas after more than 10 years of supporting each other’s endeavours (now that’s sisterhood). And wouldn’t you know, this was the first time I finally got to meet Kay as well. She’s always been a staunch supporter of all my endeavours, and I of hers (again, over the past 10 years plus). So needless to say, my support system and foundation is mad solid knowing my sisters have my back.

It’s been a while since I sat on a panel or even hosted an event and after taking part in this one the other day, I must say that I’m ready for more. It seems that I’ve been bitten by the panel bug. So if there are any speaking engagements that you think would work out in my favour, please send them my way!

Again, I’m sending a huge thank you and congratulations to the Creative Nomads crew for a job well done. Thank you so much for igniting the fire under my passion again.


See y’all soon,


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