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The Story of “Santa Romeo” With The Late King Reign

by amc

What’s the good word, Soulsters?

Y’all know that now and then I share a few vids over here, even though you can catch me doing my thing on the Soultracks Video Countdown. But as much as we celebrate all that is soul over here, I like to dabble in some hip hop tunes from time to time.

I was really happy to see this in my inbox for various reasons. King Reign, who has worked with the likes of BrassMunk, Drake, Slakah the Beatchild and Saukrates to name a few, was an exceptional artist and all around beautiful soul. His sudden passing last year hit the Canadian hip hop industry really hard. The times that I had spent with Reign were filled with honest and real conversations about music, accompanied by his warm, inviting smile and laid back demeanour. He was a lyrical slayer and animated storyteller. His prowess was unmistakable on the mic. And by the slice of his sharp lyrical delivery, his songs were always thought-provoking and soulful.

In honour of King Reign’s legacy, new tracks will be released for us to enjoy, and continue to celebrate his life and talent. The first single “Santa Romeo” is described as ‘a humorous story on the romantic highs and lows of a Casanova that highlights many aspects of his artistry with storytelling, humour and unequivocal charm.” The song is produced by Darp Malone, with a drum edit by renowned turntablist DJ Skratch Bastid and features Toronto’s own Ivana Santilli on the horn (she also makes an appearance in the vid too!). The song is upbeat, witty and humorous. With the assistance of MuchFact and the added animated touch by Solis Animation, this video came together quite nicely.

RIP Kunle Thomas aka King Reign. You are missed.

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