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Would You Like To Receive Some “Mother Mail”?

by amc

Hey Fly Mamas!

It’s my first post over here and I’m excited!

New journey, new post and a perfect initiative to share with y’all.

My girl Sharisa de Groot, the Founder and Editor in Cheif of the phenomenal website Raising Mothers, has brought back a really successful venture from 2016 called Raising Mothers Words Of Encouragement (RMWOES) that I wanted to chat about.

I love the idea of this.

I remember when I came home from the hospital with Sugar Plum, even while being surrounded by family and having a solid support system, I still felt very alone. Being sleep deprived doesn’t help in the matter either. Then you have to worry about so many other variables–your own health, having formula/breast milk ready at the little one’s beck and call and everything else on your plate. Having a kind word from another mother who knows exactly what you’re going through can be a boost to your spirits and that’s what Mother Mail is all about.

Listen, I don’t know about y’all but the excitement of receiving snail mail still does it to me in this digital age. So why not boot up your PayPal account and set yourself up to send a postcard out to help put a much-needed smile on a fellow mother’s face?

How it works:

To participate, you have to fill out the form below and send either $6 or $12 via PayPal. Every month, you will send out a postcard(s) to the address(es) you receive. To keep the essence of RMWOES, send a stranger some comforting or encouraging words and let them know how you’re doing. When you receive your postcards, share it with us on Instagram with the hashtags #raisingmothers #RMmothermail


It only costs $1 a month (U.S.) or €1 (Europe. Please use this link to pay). You can purchase it in 6 or 12 month blocks. Mother Mail helps keep Raising Mothers running—so, make a friend through the mail AND support the website and writers all at once.

I’m signing myself up today and you should too if you can. I’m sure any receiving mother would be happy to get a word or two from a mother-in-arms. You can sign up here. Let’s do this!

See y’all soon…


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