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Karlyn Percil’s Success Planner Sets You Up For Greatness

by amc

Thank you to Karlyn Percil for sending the Success Planner for me to review!

Karlyn Percil

Hey Soulsters!

My name is amc and I’m an agenda and journal junkie. I blame my elementary school for instilling this awesome habit in me. I remember clear as day when we were given our first agenda to keep track of homework due, projects and such. It was so efficient and it’s been something that I continue to use on the daily. And as for the journaling aspect, it’s something I’ve always done from since I was a kid. I loved to write down my thoughts, goals and directives. I still do. Basically, to me, if it’s not written down, it truly doesn’t exist.

It’s something that has followed me throughout my life. I live for organization. I went from an agenda to a PalmPilot with a keyboard, to a Blackberry, Samsung and every other smartphone after that. But while I do lean 100% on my digital friend, I still use good old pen and paper and get giddy at the prospect of buying an agenda at the start of a new year.

You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I received a package from Certified Growth Mindset and Emotional Intelligence Coach Karlyn Percil with her highly coveted Success Planner to review! Since its inception, it has been all the buzz from the time they drop to the time they sell out. I’ve been curious about what they had to offer but could never get my hands on one–until now.

The Success Planner is a beautifully laid out journal and agenda with an extra boost for you to “make time for what matters the most.” It’s definitely intended for ladies (and men, why not?) who would like some guidance and focus on reaching their goals and potential for the year. Filled with inspiring quotes and thought-provoking words of wisdom, the journal challenges you to sit down, slow down and take some time out to reflect on your goals, needs and desires.

Karlyn notes in the opening pages:

With stress being the #1 problem that contributes to heart disease and other illnesses, the Success Planner is the answer to conscious living and the key to creating a life that matters to you at work and home.”

These days we’re bombarded by social media and everything else that life offers up, so this entire journal is a welcomed exercise for me. A moment to enjoy the silence and focus on me for a little bit.

As you can see, the journaling aspect is built right into the book at the beginning of each month, that way you’re able to break down your month efficiently. I like how it keeps you accountable and leaves no room for excuses. Can’t think of your annual goal? Break it down into quarters and then months, then weeks. It may sound difficult but I believe it all comes down to how much time you want to invest in yourself. Are there alternatives that stack up to the journal? I would say no. This is a pretty well rounded instructional booklet that looks like it was conceived with care. You can always find some great journals and agendas at places like Indigo or an independent retailer, but I don’t believe you would find another journal this thorough. I would definitely spend my dollars on this as a gift to myself or to someone well deserving and like-minded. And look at the colours! I love the selections!

Lucky for you, right now the Success Planner is on sale for half price! Head on over to Karlyn’s website and get your hands on the remaining few floating around for $25! I’m sure they will go fast.

Well, instead of me writing out a full dissertation about the planner, check out my review below with pros and cons included.

See y’all soon…