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Get Your Shea Butter Bliss With Eu’Genia Shea

by amc

Thank you to Naa-Sakle Akuete for sending a Eu’Genia Shea Butter care package for review!

For the longest while, I’ve been on the search for an oil to use in Sugar Plum’s hair. And mine too. While Sugar Plum’s toddler high-top is a mass full of loose curls, I have tight curls that just don’t give. The one thing that we do have in common, is the fact that our hair just sucks up whatever oil is applied within a good few minutes. Hello, thickness!

I sat down and put one and one together on this one. Last year, a friend of mine came through for a visit. She opened her bag and rummaged through to find what she called “her secret weapon”. Well, wouldn’t you know she pulled out a little mini container of this exact product? So when this came through, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.


Eu’Genia Shea Butter is a family-run social enterprise dedicated to all natural premium shea butter moisturizers. Run by mother and daughter team, Naa-Sakle Akuete (with help from her mother Eugenia), they have taken their love of shea butter to another level. Founded in 2014, Eu’Genia Shea Butter has built a solid foundation. Eugenia used to hold the position as President of the Global Shea Alliance. Armed with knowledge and know-how about unrefined Ghanaian shea butter, she grew her bulk shea butter business called Nassakle, eventually becoming an acclaimed expert in the shea butter business.  And their Eu’Genia products utilize Naasakle shea butter in their line. The other jewel? They are entirely dedicated to fair wages and opportunities for female workers in Ghana and show their philanthropic side by donating 15% of their profits back to them in the form of an education fund.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the scent. The rich and luxurious scents were permeating throughout my living room! Why? Well, because the gift pack comes with four different types of shea butter from their line – 100% Shea Butter, All Natural Shea Butter, Essence of Lavender Shea Butter and Essence of Grapefruit Shea Butter. They all smell magnificent. The packaging is gorgeous and practical. All four of the mini canisters fit just right into the larger Eu’genia labelled gold and silver tin.

Eugenia shea butter opened four pack

Once I opened the containers, at first I was taken aback at how small they were. However, upon using the product, I understand why. You really don’t need that much. While some shea butter needs intense rubbing of your hands to really get the friction to turn it into oil, this product melts in your hands within a couple of seconds. If heavy scents are not your scene, this may not be for you. The high concentration shea butter will leave your hair or skin feeling soft and smelling lovely. I used this on Sugar Plum’s hair and it was fantastic! Not only did I use it on his hair, but he also has patches of eczema on his back. A little topping of the 100% shea butter and it left his skin bright and moisturized. I was thoroughly impressed. And it didn’t stop there. Lips, hands, heels – it can be used anywhere with amazing results. I now have a canister in my purse at all times because, really, my friend obviously had the right idea. Eu’Genia Shea Butter has sincerely gained a new fan in me!

Want to know more about Eu’Genia Shea Butter? Please feel free to visit their website.

Check out my review below with pros and cons included.

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