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The Music Keeps On Calling

by amc

Hey, my peoples!

It’s been a good while, hasn’t it?

Life had brought about a wallop of hits in a succession. It was brutal. I was unhappy and I needed to take my health into account. Even music fell flat for me. The same verve and excitement that I held for new music, events and networking fell absolutely flat. I didn’t have the passion to creatively share my thoughts on these or anyone’s pages; I didn’t have the energy or desire to mingle or attend events and music just didn’t have the same sweet melody that has comforted me my entire life. It was almost like a part of me died. Looking back, I would say that it kind of did.

So the time off was necessary. I took the time to re-evaluate, soul search and raise my son to the best of my ability. I fell back from everything. The events, the writing and the reviews.  Everything fell to the wayside and I was okay with that.

Now I’m back with a renewed spirit, lane change and focus.

neon sign think things differently

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi

Here’s the gist of the revived amc – I was having a conversation with my girl the other day about finding a healthy balance of life and living. You know what I mean. Being a mother is hard as shit – period. I’m sure not afraid of stating so. In addition to running my own business and a household, raising a son while balancing projects, and trying to get myself right was challenging to say the least. I couldn’t find a balance in between for me to do anything. But I also came to realize that I had to want to get back on the saddle and appropriate the time to do so—when I was ready.

And here I am! I have a new lookout for what’s going to transpire here. I’m going to start filling in the pages, but not in the aggressive timeframe that I used to. I’ll stick to a twice a week maximum, as I feel that I can keep up with that (unless something moves me to do otherwise). It won’t rely heavily on musical reviews like before, but you will find festival and event coverage alongside musical and motherhood musings. And I will be returning to one of my passions – a new podcast! Stay tuned, more to come soon!

With that being said, I’m looking forward to stepping back into what I love – music, writing and meeting you all as we go.

Onward movements,


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