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ZADA Teaches Us About The ‘Sweet Things In Life’

by amc

Hey Soulsters!

I have something new for your aural stimulation lists. Meet ZADA.

Photo by: Blake Jorgenson

She’s a beautiful Ethiopia-born and B.C.-based singer and songwriter who describes her sound as a fresh blend of neo-soul and R&B with generous doses of Afrobeat and folk propelled by organic grooves and breezy melodies.

I can dig it.

Also, she recently hit the stage at The Honey Jam concert and annual shindig a few weeks ago. You already know if you’ve been able to grace that stage, then you’re off to one hell of a start.

Listening to her music is an experience. The illuminating “Thousand Stars” and her brilliant reggae-tinged “Nomad” are lightyears apart from each other in tone and vibe, and I love that. It’s like having multiple characters under one umbrella. And her visuals are stellar, may I add. Now, here comes ZADA on my radar with her latest single, “Sweet Things In Life.”

ZADA manages to embody whatever the ambiance is of her track and deliver it with such vulnerability and individuality. It’s refreshing in this age of R&B. Listening to her coo about the differences in perspective between her and a potential partner speaks to her spreading her wings and finding what’s hers by following her own path without any unnecessary distractions. As she says, “The sweet things in life, they don’t lead to you. I’m too starry-eyed, I have a new point of view.” I feel that. I’m all for it.

I asked ZADA what led to the creation of the song, and she relayed, “At the time, I was working through some bigger decision-making…I’ve never been afraid of jumping into my craft, in fact, I run to this art form— but in doing, so I struggled with creating the best avenues to let relationships outside of my art evolve. So as an act to confront my feelings, I wrote “Sweet Things In Life.”

ZADA has things to do and songs to sing, y’all. She is looking to hit the road to share some of her work with the masses and meet her people. Keep an eye out for when Zada pops up in your town. I’m sure it will be a show to get into.

You can find ZADA at these social spots:


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