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Shake Your Thang With DJ Stylus’s Beyoncé Go-Go Reworks

by amc

Yes, you read that right. But let me go back, back into time for a minute.

I have known about DJ Stylus, aka The Vibe Conductor, and what he can do on the ones and twos for a minute now. During my days in NYC, I can say my second home was split between Baltimore and D.C. I returned whenever friends pulled me back for some good party vibes, hang time or Smithsonian time. U Street used to be jumpin’ back then. There is so much history to get into as well, but Google is your friend. Also, if you know Ben’s Chili Bowl and Howard U, then you’re already on the right track. Now, let’s get into the music!

DJ Stylus wearing a blue bomber jacket and DC Native cap.

DJ Stylus

DJ Stylus doesn’t just grace the turntables. He’s also a journalist, radio broadcaster, and producer. Believe it or not, I never got to attend any parties with DJ Stylus on the turntables, but I’ve always kept up with his mixes and reworks. Part of the early Twitter music and journalist crew, DJ Stylus was one of the DJs I veered to. He’s opened for the likes of Z-Trip and Boyz II Men and shared turntables with MC Lyte, Rich Medina, ?uestlove, Gilles Peterson and many more. His mixes always stood out. His song choices were dope, and his musical knowledge runs deep.  

So imagine my surprise when I fell upon a go-go-produced Beyoncé track he posted floating by on my Instagram timeline. What do you mean you don’t know any go-go? Impossible. Trust me, you do. Please go and Google E.U. or Chuck Brown, or even Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shake Your Thang,” and you’ll see.

I’ll wait…

Surprised? Well, that was your crash course in go-go. I’ll leave it up to you to learn more. Now back to the reworks.

I missed out on an entire set of releases by DJ Stylus (Prince and New Edition at that), but I seem to have caught this one right on time. The EP Crank Queens is a 4-track celebration of Queen Bey with some added go-go spice. DJ Stylus reimagined “Party,” “Plastic Off The Sofa,” “Love On Top,” and “Formation” with a popular crunktastic group out of the DMV called the Be’la Dona Band.

My favourites? “Party” and “Plastic Off The Sofa” go hard. Check out the vibe below.

You can find DJ Stylus on the following socials:


Until next time…

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