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I’m Back For Some Fun! Y’all Ready?

by amc

Soulsters, it’s been awhile.


A few things to mention.

As many of y’all know, I’m the proud mama of a rollicking and troublesome baby boy. Sugar Plum is my life and my love. You’ll be hearing quite a bit about him and my trails through motherhood in my new Fly Cola Mama section. There will be no sugar-coating there. I mean, have you ever known me to be one? A sugar-coater, that is. Exactly! And believe me when I tell you that I have a lot to share. More on that very soon.

Secondly, it’s been a rough time for the past year and change. My return to this outlet almost didn’t happen. However, I’ve been told time and again that keeping up with passions and things that stir your soul is most important in moving forward. And if you’ve been riding with me since I started this blog in NYC as a school project circa 2008 (I think!), then you already know that music has become etched into my being on many levels.

I’m back to discuss everything musical. I plan to slowly get back into covering festivals. Album reviews and artist features will make their return as well. Will there be a podcast or radio show? I already have topics ready to cover and artists/people I want to interview. As well as radio stations who are interested in carrying it. I just have to figure out my schedule and get it together. Stay tuned.

There’s a little twist on the site, y’all. I realized that I do a whole lot of everything–festival coverage, reviews, concerts and I’m always invited to events outside of my musical scope. Therefore I decided that I will be tieing everything in. You will find reviews/event recaps/product reviews/favourite things and all that good stuff. Peruse the site and check out the categories. Get familiar!

Before I head out, I want to thank all of you who emailed, sent messages, texts and such to reach out and see how I was doing and what I was doing. If only I had a dollar for each time I was asked, “So that’s it for Soulafrodisiac?!” Well, no, it isn’t. I present to you Soulafrodisiac.com version 2.0 with Soulafrodisiac Sessions. Let’s get it started!

See y’all soon…


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