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Heart To Heart: Chopping It Up With Actor Allison Edwards-Crewe

by amc

What’s the good word, my Soulsters?

Your girl has been well busy in slash mode—and what I mean is mom/creative/educator/editor/entrepreneur—all-of-it-and-then-some mode. Living the life. I must reluctantly add that I was still recovering from everything that was The Legacy Awards, too (I promise I’ll share the interview clips soon!). But y’all know, I find my solace in creative land (outside of mom mode because it is a dope place to be when I’m not pulling out the little hair I have remaining).

But let’s get to the creative chat, shall we?

While I was in Stratford for the Black Women In Media Luncheon curated by *yours truly* (what do you mean you didn’t know about the luncheon? Let me help you out. You can read all about it here.), I had the honour of meeting some of Canada’s top Black women actors. From television to Shakespeare and beyond, these ladies have honed their craft and are brilliant in every role they make their own.

At my table sat an actor with a gleaming smile, deep, passionate eyes and skin with a creamy dark chocolate hue. She was in tune with the banter taking place. As our conversation shifted to the topic of how each of us became creatives, she perked up even more to join the convo. Her curiosity was piqued. After speaking with her, I can see how her curiosity fuels her work. It’s the learning and applying while pushing boundaries, challenging yourself to be more—to create more. To carefully or even sometimes haphazardly shift gears to find that sweet spot.

She’s a proud Dora and Toronto Critics Award recipient. All of the above is the essence of Brampton’s own Allison Edwards-Crewe

Crewe’s resume shows just how much range she possesses. From ‘Da Kink In My Hair and The Handmaid’s Tale to Dreamgirls and The Color Purple. Recently, she appeared in King Lear and starred in Much Ado About Nothing as Hero, and as Pierrette Guérin in Les Belles Soeurs at The Stratford Festival. Crewe is poised to continue her fantastic trajectory, and I’ll be right here watching as she moves forward with her journey.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Crewe, and we had a great time! We expanded on our conversation about our evolving, creative journeys. We also got to touch upon how many characters live in an actor’s mind (it’s crazy in there, y’all) and what plays challenged her to her creative peak.

Ladies and gents, meet Allison Edwards-Crewe. 

A huge shout out to Allison for taking the time to chat and nurturing me and my cough through the interview.

I hope y’all enjoy the video! Drop me a line and let me know who you would like me to sit down with next. I’m always open to ideas!

Until next time…

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