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Jully Black Wants You To “Follow Your Love”

by amc

Hey Soulsters!

Your girl has been planning and scheming in the most ways (more on that soon, stay tuned!), buried under musical newness (and work, who am I kidding?) and I’m slowly managing to come up for some air. Sifting through my Dropbox and emails are a joy. It’s the time of the evening (when I have any energy remaining, of course) when I get to unplug from everything and enjoy listening to some really dope tracks and keep up with some of my favourite artists.


Jully Black standing in water with beautiful waterfalls

One of these said artists is Ms. Jully Black. It’s been a minute that we’ve heard from Black musically. She’s been crazy busy pursuing many projects such as being a spokesperson for a few major brands, as a panelist on the 2018 Canada Reads table (we can’t forget that epic moment, now can we?), playin’ mas like a boss babe for Toronto Revellers’ band launch, sharing her journey with health and wellness via her social media and the most recent announcement of her role as Caroline in Obsidian Theatre Company’s production Caroline, or Change –  and believe when I say, this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, needless to say, the pivotal moment Black decided to release music, we all stopped to pay attention.

Her single “Follow Your Love” is an ode to Black following her first passion – music. It would be fair to say that it’s surprising with everything going on and then some, she decided to release any music at all. However, apparently we weren’t the only ones taken aback and thankfully she listened to her intuition.

Black states on her Instagram account:

Welcome Back Jully Black!


”I am welcoming myself, the REAL Jully Black back into the arena of music because I almost allowed myself to completely fade-to-black and become a permanent spectator of an industry and business I helped to build unknowingly in Canada. 


[…] So there I was alone and afraid with a choice to follow my love or follow my fear. That’s when I heard a little voice say, “Follow Your Love.” I lost my record deal. I lost my manager. I lost my relationship. I lost my band. I lost some friends. I lost my wealth. I lost my faith. I lost my joy. I lost my twin brother. I lost my two sisters. I even lost my mother, but I didn’t lose my love.


As Canada’s Queen of R&B/Soul and as Canadian music royalty, hearing Black actually follow her own love and find herself back in the booth is literally music to my ears.

The track is laced with reggae-infused rhythms (or should I say riddims) and synths that will keep your body moving in a Pepperseed or Bogle kind of sway. It’s a feel-good vibe that would sound great on any soca or reggae compilation/mixtape. My only complaint is it’s too short and finishes just as you’re getting into the groove, but I guess it’s nothing the repeat button can’t fix.

“Follow Your Love” can be listened to and purchased on all music streaming platforms and on her website.

You can find Jully Black at the following socials:


See y’all soon…


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