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Lisa Banton Tells Us We “Should Have Known Better”

by amc

Hey Soulsters!

It’s been a fairly busy time on my end (you can find out more over on my business website SAO Consulting) because mama is back running her company, making that diaper money and raising this Little Tornado of mine. More on that later. I’ve got some music to share!

Toronto’s own Lisa Banton is an old favourite who has previously graced these pages a few times.  Her vocals are warm and buttery and her songs always have a story to tell. And this new single is no different.

Released in March, “Should Have Known Better” is written by Banton and produced by Melvin “Melo” Williams for the Classicity Music Group. It’s a mid-tempo tale about taking responsibility for shit that’s gone left because of the bad decisions made in a relationship. Sharing her inspiration for the track, Banton says:

Sometimes instead of blaming everyone else, you gotta look in the mirror. I wanted to write a song about taking some accountability and not completely crying ‘woe is me


“Should Have Known Better” is available now for your purchasing and streaming pleasure. You can find it on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify.

This is Banton’s first release this year and as per her release, we can expect more to come. Looking forward to hearing what’s on the horizon!

You can catch Lisa Banton at the following socials:


See y’all soon…


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