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Depression and My Aural Stimulation

by amc

What’s the good word, my peoples?

Let me preface this post by reiterating what you have most likely heard me say before, time and again – if it wasn’t for music, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I can wholeheartedly say, music has been the catalyst of my entire writing and professional career.

Let’s rewind a little bit. After I had Sugar Plum, I unfortunately fought with postpartum depression. I remember a clear and concise moment that sticks with me to this day. Two years ago, I was sitting on my sofa chatting it up with one of my good friends, Will Dawson and he exclaimed, “Why is it so quiet in here? For a music lover, I’m so surprised that there’s no music blaring…” This was coming from someone who knows me and everything I stand for musically. Even though I knew something was off for the longest time, it was the first time I came to terms with how disconnected I was to everything, especially with my first love.

I had completely fallen off – wasn’t excited about new releases, didn’t want put any energy into writing or blogging, didn’t want to attend any events or have the capacity to smile and be engaging, didn’t keep up with anything musically or culturally related (no matter how much I tried) – the spark had simply extinguished. It was frightening and felt like part of my soul died. Remember my annual top picks of the year? I couldn’t even squeeze them out because I had no idea what was transpiring and truly didn’t care.

Fast forward to the middle of last year after a lot of work and therapy when I literally found my footing and my perspective was bright again. I allowed myself to play catch up with the newness of Little Brother, Gary Clark Jr., Emily King, The Jonas Brothers (yeah, I said what I said!), and Zo! (to name a few) and to feed my soul again. Soulsters, since I pressed play, I haven’t looked back.

Last Friday, I posted “my weekly top picks” in my Instagram stories and to my surprise, it received a fantastic response. I’m going to continue to play catch up with last year’s goodness on top of this year’s newness to bring a weekly list of my aural stimulation. For those of you who didn’t get to check it out, check out my list above. Now, please take note that I will not be sharing my picks over here. If you’re not following me on Instagram as yet, now is your chance to join in the fun. You can also find my stories on my Facebook page. 😉

As we are already aware, music holds a lot of power for everyone on many levels. For me, it has breathed soul back into a life that has been transformed and reshaped. However, it should be noted that some things, even when lost in the dark, never do change.


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