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Darien Brockington – “Rain”

by amc

*wipes brow*

*dabs side of lips*

Mr. D-Brock aka Darien Brockington for those not in the know is back on the radar with this steamy, provocative, erotic, sexually dipped bonus track from The Cold Case Files mixtape entitled “Rain.”  The connotation here is not the one you are used to hearing braggadocio rappers shout out, but the kind that eludes to illicit nights down a dark alley or in the vicinity of whichever room in your house you please.  The first line of the track, “Do you realize/ that look in your eyes/ has got my body heating up…” shows us that Darien is not in the mood to play around and means business every step of the way. Always the playful one, Darien shows us a bit more of that bad boy persona everyone – okay, every female fan – has been wanting to see. “I’m gonna pull your hair/I’m gonna take you there…”  Have mercy.

The simple tambourine shake coupled with the keys and Darien’s vocals offers a hint of simplicity, followed by the melody interjected in. The melody appears and disappears throughout the track giving it balance and also manages to heighten the anticipation of what’s to come.  Let’s just say, this song has made its way to my slow jam mix already. Actually, I will not lie, the magic was felt upon the first play.

Darien is going to have an accompanying video released along with the track, simply for the ladies.  Guys, do yourself a favour and get this track for your late nights. And ladies, brace yourselves for a side of Darien Brockington you may not want to let go of.

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