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The Calling by Merna

by amc

Hey Soulsters!

It’s been a minute, but I’m back! This non-internet/computer life is killing me slowly! But thank you for continuing to ride with me nonetheless. You know your girl appreciates you! 😉

With that being said, I have some goodness coming your way today via Merna (Killed Ayah). I was invited to her listening session last night for her new album entitled The Calling.

Tomorrow marks the release date of The Calling by Merna. Merna may sound like a new artist to you, but to her legion of fans out there, she was known once upon a time as Ayah. Now going by the moniker Merna Killed Ayah and leaving all remnants of Ayah behind, Merna has morphed into a stronger and bolder woman, leaving no space for what was. Merna has been emancipated, and where there is freedom, there is room for growth and a place to soar. This is all evident on her new album The Calling. The project boasts grandiose ripples and waves of vocals laid on top of superb production by Ali Shaheed, and Makai Black. “All I Want” is a reflection of Merna’s reckless love journey to unrequited love. It is a beautiful ballad about desiring love – the right kind of love, for oneself. “The Reason” (produced by Shaeed) has an unwavering and unrelenting hip hop beat that Merna drops lyrics on as skilled as a hip hop artist. Her range and flow are beautiful and melodic. “The Calling” is simply gorgeous, and “Liar and A Thief” gives me a little UK soul flavour a la Dusty Springfield. Truly not surprising at all, seeing that Merna relayed to us that her Dad’s record collection amassed in the UK  was a big influence on her.  We were also treated to a live version of the song, accompanied by simply a piano and guitar. Sometimes less is more, and in this instance, it was all we needed.

In Merna’s evolution, she stated that she felt that she had to die to be reborn. With Ayah’s musical passing, she wanted to create a big, voluptuous and sexy sound. The Calling weighs heavy on a whole new sound for Merna, encompassing a totally different neo-soul stance than what we are used to hearing from her. Believe when I tell you, it’s not what you will expect at all. Her vocals stand alone and shine. Merna is a whole other version of Ayah. Assertive, grown and ready to step into a whole other world. Join her on her journey, it will be interesting to hear and see what else comes from this new creative side of Merna. I look forward to watching and hearing it bloom.

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