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by amc

The Foreign Exchange camp holds one hell of a reputation for releasing nothing but the goodness. They steady deliver quality mood music, party music, vibe out music – name it, they got it for you. The latest project to come out from the FE camp is the stellar album ManMade by producer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist Zo!

From the first track all the way through to the last track, ManMade is a roller-coaster ride of trip beats, house, soul, and hip hop – all produced and written by Zo!. Not only is the album written and produced by Zo!, but he also manages to outdo himself and play pretty much all the instruments as well. The result is an album that not only holds your attention from the start but has you leaving the entire CD on repeat once you reach the end.

The skip along feel-good vibe of “This Train” featuring Sy Smith and the simplicity and sing-a-long catchiness of “Count To Five” featuring Gwen Bunn will turn the grouchiest of persons into a gold dust sprinkling fairy. Alright, it’s not that altering, but it sure does come close. Chokolate and Phonte’s “Making Time” is damn sexy. Choklate cooing:

flow it up just keep it nice and steady/yeah/I miss your kisses and for you I’m ready/Yeah/you don’t have to make the time it’s already here/so when you gonna come and get it?

The delivery in her come hither nuances flow sweetly over the hard drum beat. Hotness. “We Are On The Move” featuring Eric Roberson will bring the house fever out of you, even if you’re not a house head. Step, spin, soul clap and repeat. You dig? Zo!’s project ends on the usual Quiet Storm accent, with Sy Smith laying it down slowly and provocatively  on “Body Rock.”

For a fair evaluation of the album, every track deserves a full out mention. Artistic growth is always anticipated, and Zo!s growth surely is reflected on ManMade. Each song is touched with brilliance from each artist, while Zo!’s vision, ear, and production show no signs of letting up – giving you exactly what you need. The album is deservingly riding the Billboard charts and is already a favourite for many. Feel the groove.

Press play on “The Train” featuring Sy Smith:

Aural Stimulation: The whole damn album. 😀

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