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The Real Thing by Kenny Wesley

by amc

Kenny Wesley aka The Soulful Nerd has been keeping himself well busy on the scene. Travelling opportunities and music features on different shows like The View and So You Think You Can Dance are notable reflections of his hard work. Kenny has shared the stage with some of indie soul’s who’s who: Eric Roberson, Alice Smith and Leela James to name a few, but he is even more of an electrifying performer when he takes to the stage for his own shows. It’s about time Kenny Wesley’s debut album The Real Thinghas made its way to our ears. It’s been in the making for a minute, and it’s a solid mixture of pop, funk, soul, and a touch of rock brought to you the only way Kenny knows.

The first cut on the album “Real Thing” featuring Butterscotch preps you for the pace of the album. Lively and groove-inducing with scratches, beatboxing, and a get your ass out your seat vibe. “Feels So Good” really does suck you right into Kenny’s abyss of funk. The mean bass pluck and crazy horn play will have you mean struttin’ in no time flat. The softness of “Missin U” is beautiful largely because it allows Kenny’s impressive vocal range to be up and center and the track is sung over nothing but an acoustic guitar. “Won’t Let It Go” is very reminiscent of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by The Beatles – perhaps it was the influence for the lovely rock-infused ballad? Nonetheless, it’s sexy with its slow syncopated drum beat and haunting melody. “Taffy” featuring Kid Koala breaks out just like the album began – yet another track that will induce another mean strut, and this time, with hand-clapping and whatever other gestures you can muster up.

The Real Thing is a culmination of Kenny Wesley’s playful character, his insane vocal ability, and his desire to share in his passion. After the many amazing collaborations, an acclaimed EP, high profile performances, and compilation features, it’s finally time for Kenny Wesley to shine on his own.

Aural Stimulation: “Feels So Good”


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