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Count On Shi Wisdom For An “Intervention”

by amc

Shi Wisdom is an up and comer from Toronto who continues to work hard and establish herself on the soul and R&B scene. Yesterday she released her new EP Intervention on Bandcamp to the masses for consumption. It’s a 4 track collection of R&B heavy tunes that perhaps draw from influences like The Weeknd and Jodeci, but the set definitely holds true to the flair and originality that Shi Wisdom is all about.

She has hit a few stages here on the performance end, but while she is still growing and learning on the stage front, her vocal ability can surely command attention. As everything is a learning process along the way you continue to find things that fit within your creative box, along with what lies outside those walls to challenge yourself.  She definitely continues to straddle both genres of soul and R&B, pushing herself to explore and be innovative. Wisdom has always managed to visit the hauntingly beautiful side of her vocals on her singles and EP’s whether it be on covers or original tracks. Yet this time around on Intervention, we are taken on an R&B ride with Jodeci-esque beats that won’t quit, dark melodies and delicate numbers.

The gentle touch on “Monster” has a melancholy Shi Wisdom weighing the highs and lows of love in a relationship and slowly losing oneself in the process. While the beats hit hard, her delivery is light and intoxicating. “Magic” is a fantastic track that will evoke a succession of body rolls and then some. Wisdom rides the beat with her gorgeous vocal ability, coupled with intoxicating and alluring piano riffs.

Press Play on Intervention by Shi Wisdom

As Shi Wisdom continues to hone in on her craft, we get to hear her grow and take her creativity to higher highs. It’s no doubt that the lady is moving full steam ahead and on the right track. Intervention is worth every second delivered to you via her 18-minute project. Press play and enjoy the ride.

Aural Stimulation: ”Magic”

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