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Listen To Eric Roberson’s “Still” Remix

by amc

Cancer is a prevalent disease that we all must be aware of, it has no name and doesn’t discriminate. Young, old, babies, teenagers and every colour under the sun – everyone is at risk. Cancer has hit my family many times (took my Dad a few years ago) and that alone is more of an incentive to me, to get tested and be very diligent about keeping up with my health.  This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but please do not only use the strength of this month solely for the 31 days. Be sure to take heed EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. 🙂

With all of that said, one of my favourite soul singers Eric Roberson has released the remix to his poignant song “Still.”  The magic touch of DJ Kemit and producer Ahmed Sirour have been placed on the track, feeding it with a light dusting of celestial keys, a drum beat that just won’t quit and a sweet melodic instrumental at the end. You need this now. Get it here!

Peep the music video (original) below.

You can find Ahmed, Kemit and Eric here:

Ahmed Sirour on Twitter

DJ Kemit on Twitter

Facebook Fan Page

Eric Roberson on Twitter

Facebook Fan Page

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