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Soul Cycle Has Some Homebrew For Your Soul

by amc

My peoples, no I have not forgotten about you or music. It’s what keeps me alive, so to speak. So of course, in the midst of all my event planning madness, I had to bring you something to keep you busy. And this couldn’t have come at the most perfect time. Enter Soul Cycle.  A group whose lead Jesse Fischer, is a maestro on the keys. Not only is he a master of the ivories, but he is also an engineer and producer. Also known as the keyboardist for Laura Izibor, Jesse has toured extensively and has added the flavours picked up in different countries and sprinkled them throughout his repertoire. From jazz, soul, acid jazz and pop – Soul Cycle always provides a soundtrack for a sexy evening dinner or a walk in the park.

Their new project Homebrew is sure to bring the same feel-good vibes as their work always captures. Homebrew will be released on September 27th, spearheaded by the sublime and effortless cover of Carole King’s “You’ve Got A Friend” featuring Gretchen Parlato. Some songs are simply not meant to be retouched, but Jesse Fischer and Soul Cycle breathe a whole new sound full of dazzling colour, into a well known classic.  The song captures the essence of a smokey cafe, with Jesse playing the keys inconspicuously in a corner and the band playing as natural as the sun is in the sky. Coupled with a snazzy snare and Gretchen’s uncomplicated vocals, her take on the cover, makes “You’ve Got A Friend” a beautiful addition to your library. But don’t just stop there, make sure to listen to and pick up Homebrew. There are guest appearances by Stefon Harris, Gretchen Parlato, Sean Jones, Rogiérs, and Jean Caze.

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