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Superconductor by Andy Allo

by amc

Andy Allo has been spoken about left, right, and center in 2012. Being mentored by Prince is any burgeoning artists’ dream. The insight, the knowledge and the royalty. But the fact is and perhaps what some may not know, is Andy Allo has been putting in work since 2009 and it’s really great to see and hear her bloom into the artist she has become today.

Superconductor is like an explosion of pop-rocks, with a sip of Coke. A ludicrously lovely melange of pops and ticks that leave you curious. Wanting more. The fantastic thing about the album is that it stays true to Andy’s original character and vibe she began with on her debut album Unfresh. Of course, Prince’s production and sound are present throughout, but mostly on tracks like the fresh and funky single “People Pleaser” featuring Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty (goodness, the horns on that track!) and “If I Was A King” featuring Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty, yet again. But the fun and amorous ways that Andy always embodied in her music are audibly present in her tenderness on “The Calm” and “Story of You and I.” Automatically thinking that Superconductor is going to be a funk-filled fiesta simply judging by “People Pleaser” would be the wrong way to go. The album is a melodious, full-flavoured project touched with a little dash of funk, and a whole lot of soul, with layers of Allo’s artistry embedded in between.

The New Power Generation and Andy vibe very well together, there’s no doubt that about that. Also, the songwriting comes to life very easily through her delicate storytelling. Sung with just enough of her gentle rasp and ambiance to have and keep your attention. She rides every strum of her guitar and every wail of the horn section effortlessly, and keeps her infusion of funk and then some clearly on the forefront.

Superconductor is an awesome album from beginning to end. There’s sure to be more to come from the young lady.  It certainly wasn’t what was expected by these ears, however, it did definitely satisfy this picky listener.

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