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The Yes Feeling by Honey Larochelle

by amc

Canada can sure churn out exceptional soulful sirens when it’s good and ready  – Tamia, Divine Brown, Deborah Cox, Ivana Santilli, Melanie Fiona – and the list goes on. Now, give this lovely redhead some room and she will undoubtedly step right into the spotlight. Okay, Canada can’t take all the credit with this one, but it is, of course, worth the mention. Say hello to Ms. Honey Larochelle. Honey is born in Vancouver, British Columbia, but she is Texas raised. Then to add to the mix a dash of Brooklyn flavour may sound a little crazy, but believe it or not, it’s all in there. So she embodies both the Northern touch (by birth) and a great deal of Southern touch if you will. Stir it all together in one pot and there you have The Yes Feeling.

The Yes Feeling is undeniably an ode to old school and a funky good time. The influences are heavy from the instrumentation to the harmonies, the album is dripping with Motown innuendos, Stax sounds,  and 70’s kicks and choruses. “Be Your Baby” borrows from the Smokey Robinson & The Miracles favourite “Ooo Baby Baby” with Honey cooing to a certain someone trying to convince him to make time for her so she can become his baby. “Hey Love” is an open letter to Honey’s ex holding firmly to faith that their love can be repaired in order to move forward. The lyrics certainly put things into perspective and speak truth straight from the heart. While on “Dear John,” you find yourself strutting to the vibe, and all of a sudden acquired a diva attitude while singing along to this low-down funky fresh track. Press play and go along with the naughty little kick and groove on “Back of My Car,” send up your ‘lightah’ for a couple of reggae tunes on “I Open My Heart” and “One 2 Three.” The latter has a more commercial sound, while the former is straight up dancehall. Either way, she goes, Honey delivers both of them beautifully.

Honey has sung with the best of the best – Roberta Flack, Omar, and Joss Stone to name a few, and she also held the position as lead singer for The Brand New Heavies. Being the ‘busy bee’ that she is, she was also producing. writing, and arranging for many artists. To think this is her debut album; it surely doesn’t sound like it. She is well seasoned, vocally angelic, and her lyrical prowess shines through as a writer. All around, The Yes Feeling is a strong and wicked album from beginning to end.

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