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Dessy Di Lauro Takes Us Way Back With Neo-Ragtime

by amc

Well, guess what Soulsters? I don’t have a weekend wrap up for you today. I was actually pretty quiet on the event front. There were many to attend, but it was all about self-preservation this weekend. I was exhausted and needed some rest. Let me not forget to mention, I had a lot of writing and editing to get done. So for me, it was a fantastic weekend and everything on my list was accomplished. Anyhow, I do have an album for you to check out by an artist from my hometown of Montreal, so let’s get to it.

As much as I hate using the tag neo-soul, it actually may be quite appropriate in describing Montreal born/Los Angeles based Dessy Di Lauro. Di Lauro goes deep into the SpeakEasy era from blaring horns, to ragtime piano riffs – right down to her costumes. Not only is her whole album and show reminiscent of the ragtime era, but the lady can sang. Not a novice to performing and belting it out across stages, Di Lauro handles the stage front as a second home. She has had multi-platinum selling album features in Canada with the band SKY and francophone rap group Dubmatique and has also toured with Cirque de Soleil as a featured singer in their production entitled Delirium. Dessy manages to bring both sounds of 1930’s ragtime and contemporary R&B together to create what she calls ”Feathered Fro-hawk Futuristic Art Deco Centric Harlem Renaissance Hep Music.” Steeped with jazz, soul and R&B influences, This Is Neo-Ragtime is a collection of high-kicking, sexy and frolicking hip hop, jazz and R&B inspired tunes.

My favs on the album would definitely be  ”Why U Raggin,”’ ”Bringin’ It Back” and the Cab Calloway vibe of ”Jump ‘N’ Jivin”’ – which also had Dessy featured on ESPN during the Women’s NCAA Basketball Final Four games last year. Press play below and take a listen for yourself:


Even though This Is Neo-Ragtime is not a recent drop, it is still one that you should check out. And if you’re able to catch Dessy perform near you, let me know about your experience. I am sure you would be in for a rollicking good time.

You can find Dessy Di Lauro at the following social spots:





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