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Hear A Tribe Called Quest’s newness at Dirty Bird

by amc

Soulsters, what’s the good word?

I think right now the internets are still buzzing about Solange‘s performance on Saturday Night Live. If you want to discuss it with me, hit me up on Twitter on Facebook. I’ll have some things to say about it this weekend on The Rhythm with AMC.

But back to the lecture at hand.

If you haven’t read the beautiful article about A Tribe Called Quest that was written in the New York Times, then you need to peep it right about now. The images were scenic, but with a heavy dose of melancholy. The article was probing, sad and reflective. If anything, reading really drove the sentiment home of how elated we are for the new and final A Tribe Called Quest album We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service. Q-Tip, Jarobi, Ali Shaeed and Phife Dawg (RIP) are taking us for one last lyrical and musical ride. With the news of guests such as Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, Andre 3000 and Busta Rhymes dropping their magic all over this project, fans have been losing their ever loving mind. And rightfully so. Then for us to hear that ATCQ (alongside host Dave Chappell) will be the musical guest next weekend on SNL? That was the kicker right there. Needless to say, ATCQ fans are more than ready for this album to make and leave its everlasting mark on hip hop history. No pressure.

So Toronto, lucky for you my girl Laurel has hooked us up with a solid. Come on through to Dirty Bird(Bloor location) this Friday night on November 11th, to one of Toronto’s favourite stomping grounds, and relish in the newness that will be the new Tribe album. Along with the vibes, get in some of the fabulous eats that Dirty Bird has to offer. Take it from me, the food is beyond amazing. I’ll be around, so if you see your girl – holla.

You can pre-order the album here.

This is a free event for 19+ only. Please make sure to RSVP at rsvp@thedirtybird.ca.

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