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The Avant Garde Ball promises an evening of fashion and exploration

by amc

The production company Artxperiential Projects is insanely busy for Black History Month. In conjunction with TD Bank, they have just come off of their successful night at #FNLROM’s Afro Fête last weekend, which was actually a little inside peek to this event coming your way on Friday night. Sidenote: they are the same team behind the highly anticipated Black Diamond Ball on February 25th (check the right side panel for guests and headliners!).

But let’s rewind a little bit and talk about the festivities coming up on Friday, February 10th. The Avant Garde Ball is slated to be an experience for the senses. Come through with an open mind to enjoy the revelry, tastes and sounds that you will experience. This one sounds like an event you’ve never experienced before.

This is a quote. Please use the quote block. This event will be a diverse and all-inclusive community-driven production and will provide access to Canada’s versatile arts community in a raw and inceptive form. We are creating a one of a kind soirée to provide opportunities for experimental and creative Black Art, Music and Fashion with cultural infusions, to be showcased and recognized by all communities.

So dust off those dancing shoes along with the sexiest and avant-garde outfit you can find, and head on down to Great Hall Friday night! Be bold, be fierce and get ready to party.

Doors open at 7:30 pm/tickets are $40 and include entry and hors d’oeuvres.

You can find out more information about the event and purchase your tickets here.

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