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Dwayne Morgan’s Soul Slam is back!

by amc

Hey now! What’s the good word, Soulsters?

I haven’t been around these parts for a little bit as I’ve been getting my work in with TD Bank and Artxperiential Projects for the upcoming Black Diamond Ball and other festivities on deck. Actually, as you read this, I will be at TD Bank’s Media Day Launch for Black History Month. We’ll be sharing who the U.S. headliner will be this year, alongside performers and speakers. I’ve been a writing machine on the business end, and good news! I will have a ticket giveaway for the Black Diamond Ball coming your way soon. More about that later!

This show here is one of my favs.

I’ve attended Dwayne Morgan’s Soul Slam event a couple of times and was blown away. This show provides a platform for 15 local talents to hit the stage and do their thing, with the end result being an artist competition that is well worth seeing. Their fate is left in the audience’s hands since they are left to vote for who actually takes home the grand prize. Let me remind you that the winning jackpot is a cool grand in cash. Talk about incentive. But do know, the performances are enough to make you want to throw your shoe. With a healthy variety of soul, R&B, folk and pop (that was the rundown I saw previously), there is something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to mark your calendars accordingly for Sunday, January 29th! Pick up your tickets here.

And before I head out, I’m sending out a huge congrats to Dwayne Morgan as he most recently launched his own app! Stay up to date with Dwayne’s poetry shows, performances, literature and more all at your fingertips! Available on both Android and the App Store.

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