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Harlem4, Maiysha and Monet!

by amc

Harlem4 Center for CHANGE is an all-volunteer nonpartisan, multi-ethnic, multi-generational research and advocacy organization dedicated to providing a forum to generate bold new ideas and policy proposals for the Village of Harlem in particular and urban America in general.

This Friday, Harlem4 will be gathering a few phenomenal talents at GU (formerly Gospel Uptown) in Harlem, to celebrate and honour the legacy between music and advocacy. The bill includes the incredible flutist Monet, whom I have yet to feature on these pages; Guy Davis, blues singer and son of über couple Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee; spoken word poet D-Black and headlining will be the one and only Grammy-nominated Maiysha.  Besides this evening being a night of stellar acts, it is a benefit for a great cause.

We all know that Harlem has some of the richest histories in NYC, it will be wonderful to see the community come together to enjoy the benefit. However, remember the work continues after the fun! Be sure to check out and support the Harlem4 Center and keep up with their programs and actions in Harlem.  When in doubt, visit the website!

For more information on the show, please click here.

See y’all soon…

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