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I Just Had My Mind Blown By UK’s Own Vincent Darby

by amc


I just returned from an artist’s show at Drake Underground, and I’m sitting in front of my computer reliving the soiree R&B singer Vincent Darby just put down. I was so excited about the experience, I had to share it today. When was the last time I did that? 

Truly, it’s been a hot minute.

If you’ve been riding with me for the past 20 years plus, either here or in any publication I wrote music reviews for, you should know how meticulous (some would say picky) I am regarding new artists. I don’t just listen to or rate anyone—old or new. I love a solid album, but if you can’t deliver said album live, then you’re wasting my time. 

Singer Vincent Darby dressed in silver, sitting on a reflective floor with light rebounding off the walls.

So when I received the invite to this show in my inbox, I trusted who extended it. He knows how I think and absorb the goodness. Earlier today, I searched Vincent Darby and played his new EP For When It’s Over to prepare me for the show. I also added his 2021 EP, Still Here We Are because I wanted to immerse myself into more from the British and Jamaican descendant. His vocals were beyond solid, from falsetto to baritone. The lyrics were playful, then sensual, or took a quick turn to longing and impulsive—I was here for the entire ride.


But let’s get back to the show.

Toronto was Darby’s last stop on his tour and it was also his EP release day. Without gushing and sounding like an over-excited teen, I will say, that the young man’s show was one of the best from a new artist I’ve seen in a long time. He played guitar as his vocals carried through the mic pure and authentically. He took the audience through his tracks and sang my favourites: “Oh Baby I,” “Come Down,” and “More” (the latter though…). His single “Rogue” has an upbeat tempo that had everyone grooving. “And while I didn’t really think we would be in a mid-to-slow tempo vibe, Darby took us through a set including stellar covers of Tyla’s “Water,” Prince’s “Purple Rain,” Floetry’s “Say Yes,” and Omar’s “There’s Nothing Like This” (I almost lost my shit when I heard the chords come in). I have mad respect for young artists who have studied from a deep, selective repertoire of music. He already gained a fan earlier during my listening session, but his musical choices, creative perspective and delivery alone gained him extra points from this rigid critic. 

If you’re quick enough, you’ll catch some of his performances in my stories on Instagram

I guarantee you that when he returns for another show, I will (yet again) post up right in front. I will also patiently await a full-bodied project from this brilliant new artist. There is no way we will not be hearing more about him soon. Hopefully, I get to sit down and parlay with him in the near future.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

You can find Vincent Darby on the following socials:

Until next time…


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