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Get Into The ‘Piece Of Mine Festival

by amc

I love the theatre. The art of storytelling and bringing one’s work to life through an amazing cast whose skills are nothing but exemplary is absolutely a sight to behold. This month is a festival fever in and around Toronto, and it’s surely going to be a busy one. We now have another festival to be on the lookout for the Piece Of Mine Festival running from September 13-15 2013.

The Piece Of Mine Festival was created by playwright Natasha Adiyana Morris, as a place where 8 fellow playwrights have been chosen to come together to showcase their respective works with the community:

The Piece of Mine Festival is a platform for black playwrights, both emerging and established, to present work in development 15-60 minutes in length. This festival aims to propel ‘new school’ black artists, whose stories boldly position themselves within contemporary realities, as opposed to the better known black history catchment. With that said, many of the works will be weaved with elements of rhythm and movement such as spoken word/rap/dub poetry, dance and live music. To end each evening, there will be a talk-back dedicated to providing the artists with vital feedback and questions to further develop their work.”

There are a few plays on the schedule that has already caught my attention and the playwrights themselves boast a list of heavy hitters with roots in The Lion King, hip hop, poetry and some are also award-winning recipients. Piece Of Mine Festival is looking to become a premiere outlet for black theatre on the horizon.  I am hoping to be able to catch a few of the plays and let you know about my experience. In the meantime, my theatre lovers can find the full schedule and more information here and you can also look to buy your tickets here.

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