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10th Anniversary Of Afrodelik Clothing Line Births New Comic Book

by amc

The Afrodelik clothing line has been around for 10 years with its unmistakable designs. You’re bound to attend an event, turn on a newscast or see a picture with someone wearing an Afrodelik design. Some of your favourite artists who have appeared on creator Desiree Marshall’s tees include Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Prince, Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughn to name a few. From kids and adults apparel, bowties and totes—Afrodelik has something for everyone. Fans of the clothing line include the likes of Erykah Badu, Michie Mee, Sherri Sheppard, Nelson George and more. Now, besides the usual musical fan favourites, Desiree also showcases characters like Rudy and Kitty Jones. These two characters and more all manifested from 70’s funk, soulful music, afros and stylish clothes. They all reside in the neighbourhood of AfroCity, which in itself sounds as funky as can be.

While Dezi (as she is lovingly called in the community) has been creating these colourful characters and her clothing and accessories line, she is now in the midst of combining the two and bringing the lovable faces to life in her new comic book series The AfroCity Comic, Volume 1, ‘The 21st Night of September – an AFRODELIK Tale”. Check out a few of the comic book characters getting in at the Afrodelik store below. Can you dig it?:

Dezi and Afrodelik have always been, and continue to be, a staunch supporter of Soulafrodisiac. She has served as a sponsor for my Brunch & Beauty with Afrobella event in 2011 and I have watched her business grow immensely over the years. We definitely love and support the endeavours that the company is pursuing. I will be attending the launch party this Thursday and shall report back with a recap! But until then, please feel free to stop by the Afrodelik website to purchase your copy of the comic book today!

You can find Afrodelik at the following social spots:


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