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Shopify Presents Naskademini’s Hangin’ Pictures On My Wall

by amc

I don’t really write about hip hop on these pages like that, I would say that I am very selective. Plus hey, this a soul site. But I am a bonafide hip hop head. Especially when you start going back to the 90’s goodness. And of course, where there is art, amc finds her way.

From February 12th – 14th at the former Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, world-renowned international photographer and cultural thought leader Naskademini is taking us back to the yesteryear of hip hop with a curated event called Hangin’ Pictures On My Wall. Presented by Shopify‘s community of streetwear merchants, the installation will have a sharp focus on the cultural and musical influences of the era. The rare black and white images feature shots of Nas, Jay Z, and Notorious B.I.G to name a few. along with memorabilia dating back to the 1990s–00s. And as we are all aware, where there is music, there is art, and fashion is never too far behind. All of these elements will be brought to the forefront and the live experience will be broken down into four spaces: the gallery, bedroom, closet and lounge. There will also be 3 panels available to attend:

What A Time To Be Online: A live Podcast by Marcus Troy and Naskademini (registration at the venue only)

Empowered: Chatting about the parallels of the golden era of hip hop and today’s entrepreneur.

Take Care: Finding “you” time, creating balance and keeping a level head amid the up’s and down’s of being an Entrepreneur.

Intrigued as yet? I am.

Sure it’s All-Star Weekend and there will be plenty going on in our city. But take a minute away from it all, and do something different. Besides, a trip down hip hop lane might do the soul good.

For tickets and more information about Hangin’ Pictures On My Wall, make sure to visit the website.

You can find Naskademini at the following social spots:


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