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In A Hop Hop Kind Of Way

by amc

What a weekend.

The past couple of weeks have been kind of quiet on the soul end, so it was a great excuse to take in some hip hop shows and events happening around town. I say this on the regular, but I will never grow tired of saying it: just because I don’t talk about other genres of music, doesn’t mean I don’t listen to it! I listen to everything from Sugar Land to Gil Scott Heron, so you know hip hop is in the midst of the madness.  I was more than content to take in EPMD on Friday and on Saturday, the  She’s So Fresh Showcase. I of course also attempted to attend Eternia‘s show at Nuyorican Poets Cafe, but ended up arriving when the show ended.  After grabbing some grub, we were looking to head to the Dujeous show, but the momentum slowed down and the only thing I could think about was my BED.

These lovely ladies above where all a part of the She’s So Fresh:The Freshest On Film Showcase IV brought to us by Bless Roxwell and hosted by TastyKeish. The showcase shined a light on women representing hip hop in the fields of photography and film. The photographs on exhibit were by Kamia FunchessElizabeth AllenNatty NightDirty Souf YankeeDejeanne Walcott and my girl Joann Gomez (shout out to ya Music Looks Like This!). All the shots captured are of an artist either gorgeously suspended in air or enticingly inviting the camera into their world – just for that split second. They were all quite exceptional, congrats to the featured photographers.  I believe some of the prints are still available from the respective photogs. Reach out to them!  Even if you don’t purchase what they had available, I’m sure you can find something in their extensive collections.

The films were incredible and even though they were purely introductions to the works, they were eye-opening and thought-provoking. Nigger Nation by Dorian Chandler is an insightful look into the use and meaning of the word ‘nigger.’  Out Of Our Minds by Stacey Muhammad delves into the relationship of depression and the oppression black women have faced throughout history. Khalil Islam: The Man Who Did Not Kill Malcolm X”  by Cynical Smith will certainly have people talking once it is completed. The title alone should give you insight into what to expect. On the lighter side, TastyKish’s witty yet informative Taste of the Town was a ‘tight-fitting’ experience…lol, channeling Cesair by Eagle Nebula was different and abstract, while the best was saved for last. Both All The Ladies Say and The Revival by Ana “Rocafella” Garcia and Invincible respectively, were astounding. All The Ladies Say focuses on the role and life of  B-girls and The Revival is an amazing doc on women in hip hop featuring Eternia, Bahamadia and Roxanne Shanté to name a few. If you can, please seek out the above-mentioned photogs and filmmakers.  Any purchases or assistance with funding will be appreciated!

Support your indie filmmakers and business owners!

See y’all soon…

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