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Fashion Night Out – Are You Ready?

by amc


I am quite perturbed that I am missing out on Fashion’s Night Out on Friday, September 10th, in New York City this year.  FNO is the prelude to the melee and madness that is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Last year was the first year and the time I had, was epic. Perusing the different stores after hours and collecting goodies, while hoards of people shopped and took in the celebrity sightings and the music blaring from meticulously placed speakers. It was an awesome aura, and where better to take it all in than in New York City?

Y’all know I am a huge music head, but I am also a huge fan of fashion (still searching for that elusive DVF dress and Missoni ANYTHING!). Fashion and music go hand in hand and I was hit with soul, rock, pop, house, deep house et al last year. Every store had its own pulse, according to whatever their soundtrack for the soiree provided. This year is not any different, in fact, I am sure that as spectacular as the event was last year, it will be even more stupendous this year. There is always room for growth and I look forward to being back in the mix next year.

I digress. 😀

I will be taking part in my own way, of course. I have been blessed and asked to work on something for Fashion Night Out, that I am presently in the midst of. I will tell you more about it soon. But I have also decided to bring you some goodies from a couple of the shows as well, so look out for that. So my music fans, bear with me as we get all ‘fashioned’ out this week and a tad bit next week. There will be music in between as well, don’t worry! But just allow me to grace my pages with another love of mine. Ride with me!

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