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“New Again” by Julie Dexter

by amc

Julie Dexter is back on the scene full force and it has been a while since we’ve heard a full length album from her.  Her last imprint on the music scene was with her EP Interim, but that wasn’t enough to leave die-hard fans satisfied. The wait is now over with the release of New Again. An album sprinkled with acid jazz, Bossanova and soul tempos. It’s truly not fair to pigeon-hole Julie into just one genre. She  captures the essence of the above genres and more, effortlessly tackling the roller-coaster of love all the way through. “Blue Skies” is instrumental heavy and repetitive, allowing you to feel the vibes of the track. It is simply, the most carefree summer track ever. “This Thing Called Love” is definitely the stand out track on the album. The guitar strums embrace your soul, the background vocals are light and refreshing, and the lyrics are right on point. Let’s not forget Julie’s vocals: they radiate a warmth that flows in unison with all the mentioned characteristics of the track. It’s superb. “Broke Up About You” tells the tale of a cheating situation and dealing with the consequences, while using the whisper workings of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” at the end.  And because of Julie’s light and breezy voice, her distress and heartbreak can be felt when she sings, “What do you do when you love someone?”

Listening to the whole album, a few songs stood out more than the others taking away from the initial continuous groove of the album. However, the album in its entirety is polished and has a summer evening get-together/date night/dinner party vibration to it.  Get into the grooves with Julie Dexter.

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