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New Artist And New Sounds With Devin Michael…

by amc

Alright, I apologize. I promised a post last week but your girl was under the weather. I’m back, almost back to normal – so here I am. I have a lot to share, so let’s get back to business. 🙂

I’m starting this post with up and coming singer Devin Michael. I detest when we try to put singers in a box, it’s very easy to apply labels. In this case, it truly isn’t. Devin’s voice is absolutely not what you would expect to hear. His tone differs from anything you’re listening to right now. There’s a tranquillity about the way he delivers his notes. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I really took to it.  And his music is surely soul-infused, you can hear the influence of Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye permeate through his cords and lyrics. But to my ears, his sound can easily fall into the world of alternative, with a slight edge.  I like individuality. I like Devin Michael.

Devin is not a household name, but he does have quite an impressive list of background appearances on his resume. From Eric Benet and Kirk Franklin to Cyndi Lauper and Michael McDonald – he has covered all genres and it reflects in his own work. Devin has a few singles but doesn’t have a full out album as yet. However, the singles I’ve heard, I really enjoyed. My favourite is the track “Change It.” A simple drum beat held down with a fabulous guitar riff, all glued together by Devin’s gift. The message is simple, “change you/and change the world.” Sometimes, it really is that simple. And simplicity is always better than convolution.

Look out or get your search on for Devin Michael. You can find him at the following social spots:





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